Education is as old as human species – Anju Bairwa


Jaipur. Human life is the best creation of God. It has got two aspects like biological and sociological or cultural aspects. The biological aspect is maintained by food and reproduction but the sociological aspect is preserved and propagated by education.

As man is on top of the animal world, he tries to seek new ideas and new ways of life through education. This is possible because man is blessed with intelligence, wisdom and wisdom. All the powers, prosperity and progress achieved by man are the result of education.

Education is as old as mankind. It is a forever changing, ever expanding and a dynamic concept. It means from time to time, from country to country and from person to person. This is explained by the background and ideals of individuals. Therefore, it is rightly said that the last word on education will never be uttered. Education deals with the ever growing man in a growing society. Therefore its concept can never be stable.

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